Two of the company’s export area, Mikel Goyarrola and Siv Bermeosolo, happily & proudly accepted the award in a gala dinner with more than 200 people representative of hardware and industrial supplying sector.

The company IZAR CUTTING TOOLS S.A.L., which is owned by the workforce, places the focus of its corporate management on ethical principles and social responsibility. The company served as the role model for a survey of the European Parliament on the “Financial participation of the Employees (EEP)”. Every two years, IZAR publishes a sustainability report in line with the “Global Reporting Initiative” requirements, which presents a transparent summary of the company’s influence on the economy, society and environment, and covers as such all three areas of sustainability.

These international awards to social responsibility, emerge in order to acclaim innovative companies, that combine success with social & environmental responsibility, for promoting sustainability in the tooling sector, subjects where IZAR stands out.