Dine Inc. was reborn in 1988 since its starting in 1975 and really thank customers for being of today’s Dine Inc.

We intends to have a creative relationship to accomplish ‘the good through cooperation’ with customers and the personnel of affiliate companies with sincere customer respect and righteous/modesty character based on the management philosophy of the founder.


The past 50 years for traiblazing a new path The coming 50 years to do it again
Korloy has a nationwide sales network with offices in the seven big cities in Korea and exports its products to more than 80 countries worldide.
Manufacturing cutting-edge tools with advanced facilities and knowledgeables staff, Korloy has made continuous technological innovations to provide better machining tools for the following industries


ECKOLD has always been a synonym for high quality chipless coldforming of sheet metal, tubes and profile sections since founding of the company. We are long time specialists for chipless coldforming of sheet metal, tubes and profile sections and as a pioneer of clinching – the innovative technique connecting sheet metal components – we can support and assist our customers with a wide range of standard and customized tooling


IZAR CUTTING TOOLS, S.A.L. is a social economy company which manufactures and distributes cutting tools (drill bits, end mills, taps…) for industrial & professional uses.
We work to become our customers’ best option for a cutting tool global programme, thanks to our quality, competitiveness and service excellence.


Welcome to OECM. As one of the foremost manufacturers of hard metal tools including drills, milling cutters, reamers, core drills and special tools, we are glad to show just what a wide range of products can really do. We put it at the top of our agenda to modify the way raw materials are manufactured in your company starting with the production of cutting tools, refining hard material layers, supplying engineering data, all the way down to finishing component. We are one of the few companies in the world that can offer you this service


WEL-SPRING-TTK is a professional and reliable manufacture of Cutting Tools in Taiwan for over fifteen years. We are specialized in producing a wide range of end mills, extremely the Ultra Micro tungsten steel milling cutters-Solid carbide and HSS, as well as other machine tools such as reamers, tool holders, collets to meet the needs of industry worldwide. Our products are functional to work on the different cutting material (Iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium and so on) and lso capable of applying on a variety of mechanical condition (traditional CNC, high speed CNC)